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The Difference Between White Gold and Platinum - Learn about the important distinctions between White Gold and Platinum. (new)

Platinum - An in-depth guide to paltinum a beautiful metal and a popular choice for engagement rings.

Diamond Buying - A helpful guide no diamond or engagement ring buyer should be without

Secrets of Diamond Buying - A gemologist gives you inside information about diamond buying

Right Hand Rings - Learn about the new jewelry fashion that's sweeping the nation

Birthstones - Information on the Gems for each month

Metal Facts - General Information on the different metals used in Jewelry making and other fields.

The Great Diamond Attack - Learn about fakes like Moissanite and CZ as well as the techniques gemologists use to recognize them

Gem in the Spotlight: Emerald - Find out about this interesting and exciting gem which can serve as an egagement gem replacement

Gem in the Spotlight: Sapphire - Get a feel for the mysteries and radiance of this captivating Gem in the Spotlight

Diamond Cert vs. Appraisal - What's the difference? Find out here

Care and Cleaning for Pearls - How to care for and clean your precious Pearls

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