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Right Hand Ring

Jewelry fashion trend beginning

The right hand need not be ignored any longer! The newest trend is the diamond Right Hand Ring. The diamond Right Hand Ring signifies the strength, success and independence of women of the twenty-first century. These rings come in a variety of beautiful designs—Modern Vintage, Floral, Romantic, and Contemporary—offering each woman a design that best suits her individual personality. Women of the world, raise your right hand!! The Diamond Promotion Service is leading the new marketing of right hand rings. The success of the three stone ring and the independent diamond in Japan demonstrates the ingenuity and market force of social change. Fashion is the key to the newest program.

The Right Hand Ring Promotion or as some people call it, The Diamond Right Hand Ring, will be more fashion oriented than past promotions and is more directed towards women buying for themselves. The way The Diamond Promotion Service sees it, the diamonds on the women's left hand is a symbol of a relationship and the right hand is a symbol of you.

You can expect The Right Hand Ring to be substantially different from diamond engagement rings, three stone rings and diamond anniversary bands. The styles you should look for are contemporary, romantic, floral or modern vintage.

Why is The Right Hand Ring gaining momentum? Market research has shown that many women like to wear a ring on their right hand but have not had a large selection of diamond fashion rings. This is about to change!! Single women can now purchase a Right Hand Ring because, if for no other reason, to feel good about themselves. Married women can wear diamond rings offering more selection and style—and for men—a Right Hand Ring opens a whole new opportunity to give a diamond ring.

Why The Right Hand Ring? Well, women never have had the real opportunity to wear fashionable rings on their right hand. Cluster and fashion rings have been around for years but they have not kept up with changing times! These styles did not have much appeal to women seeking a more fashion oriented look. Now a woman can choose for herself a diamond right hand ring that shows her individual style as well as self expression!

The intention of this ring is to have an orientation approximating a north-south alignment as opposed to the traditional east-west alignment traditionally found with diamond engagement rings, three stone rings and diamond anniversary bands. This concept will generate a whole new interest by women in their right hand, and as new styles become available, new looks and fashion statements will evolve.

Parisi Jewelry Brokers has a growing section of the right hand rings. The key concept of the right hand ring is style. Not just the elite style but the freedom and joy of your personal style. If you have a dream ring, we can custom design it. It will be a joy to work with you on the creation of your jewelry.