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The design process doesn't stop with the first computer model we make. We communicate with you throughout to process so you can make any adjustments or modifications that you want along the way.

Once we have the first version of the design ready we show you a 3D rendering (picture) of it so you can suggest any changes you want.


Then, we go back and incorporate your adjustments into the design and make another rendering for you to check. You are the designer and we are your hands. Let us help you create your masterpiece.


Only when the design measures up to your standards do we move forward to the wax creation and casting phase. We wont stop until you get the design you want and then we'll make it a reality.

We hope you can see how Angelo's Creations is devoted to giving you the level of quality and service that you expect from a high end jewelry design atrisan. This is your dream and we are here to help you realize it.

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