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Here at Angelo's Creations we want to make the custom design process accessible to everyone. So we streamlined the process to an easy three step system that ensures your get the high quality jewelry that you want.

First, we talk about how you would like your jewelry designed to fit your personal style and taste. We want to give you the jewelry that you've been dreaming of so we communicate with you to make sure that's what you get.
Second, we work on your design in Matrix (the jewelry design program used by major designers). This powerful software allows our designers to give you the jewelry that you really want.
Third, once you approve the design we make a wax, check it for accuracy, and make the final piece of jewelry for you to wear! This is our favorite part of the process, when the jewelry has gone from dream to reality!

Now you see how easy the custom design process can be with Angelo's Creations. Keep reading to learn how we work with you to create the design you want and how the design goes from a pretty picture on a computer to a real piece of jewelry you can wear.

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