The ABC Diamond Grading System

What is important to you about the diamond you are looking to buy?

This is the key question. The diamond is important to you for very personal and individual reasons. Over the years we have been able to serve our client by lessoning to what they want. By hearing their needs and matching that with a technical diamond knowledge we have come up with the ABC's of diamonds.

Our clients general come down to four types of diamond buyers. First the A type is the highest quality they can afford. The quality aspects of a diamond are Color, Clarity and Cut. If you are a A diamond type buyer you are looking for the best Color D E F G range. These diamonds show no trace of color and are true colorless diamonds. The Clarity must be very clean even under magnification. The inclusions must be very hard to see with the loupe. The clarity range is an excellent VS2 and up (VS1 VVS2 VVS1).

The cut of the diamond is divided up into two components. First the shape of the diamond, if it is a fancy shape (any shape but round) it must be very well balanced. Each shape has it best look for example a heart must have balance in it lopes and look like a heart. The cut on a round bright diamond brings out its fire. If the faceted angles are done right the light passing through the diamond will brake into its spectral hues and put on a beautiful show. A lively brilliant cut is a must for the A diamond buyer.

The size of the A diamond is by personal preference. What diamond looks best in the ring or on the finger? Or it is the amount the A buyers wishes to spend. If you are a A Diamond buyer beauty is in the perfection of the diamond.

The B type diamond buyer is concerned about the look of the diamond in jewelry. The diamond must look good no eye visible inclusions or yellowing. B for balance is the key. The diamond must have a clarity that can't be seen with the eye, but under magnification you can see a father or include crystal. The inclusion can't impact beauty at all. The color must look white to the eye no yellow or brown hue notable. The cut must show good fire. The diamond must spark very well. If the diamond is a fancy shape it must look balanced. No odd shapes an example is no long thin marquee but a well shape is key to its looks. The carat weight is very important to the B type diamond buyers. They want a big nice cut good looking diamond. The diamond must have very good life and look great with no eye visible flaws.

When size is all that maters, C type diamonds fit the call. The C type diamond buyer focus on size. They can put up with an eye visible inclusion or yellow tinning if the size is big enough. No one likes an opaque cloudy black spotted diamond. The typical C type diamond buyer wants a larger diamond with a nondistracting flaws. The diamond size does all the talking for the diamond. Wow that a big diamond is the goal.

The other diamond buyer is a highly technical diamond buyer. He or she wishes a diamond with a specific diamond report and table percentage, crown angle, total depth percentage and an exact color and clarity grade. As a jewelry and diamond broker gemologist we get many clients with a technical buying style. If this is the way you like to buy diamonds we work on an individual understanding of what you want. Just e-mail us your request and we will respond ASAP manner.

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