Guarantee & Refund Policy

Refunds, returns, and cancellation policies

Although our return rate is very low, we have created an easy set of guidelines for your protection. Please take the time to read this section carefully and absorb every detail. If anything seems unclear or vague, please contact our customer service department for clarification. In order to improve the ownership experience, we ask that each customer contact our customer service department first before assuming.

Each client shall have seven days from the date received to exercise his/her option to request a refund. Clients are not required to return the jewelry/engagement ring to our facilities within the seven days, but simply contact us by phone or e-mail ([email protected]) within the seven days so that we can provide return instructions. Return shipments arriving without proper authorization, will be sent back. Please note that the return shipping address may be different from the address on the package.

Custom designs are specific to the tastes and likes of an individual customer and therefore would be very difficult for us to sale to another customer. Custom designs and special requests are not refundable.

Very large or small ring sizes may be subject to a 15% restocking fee or $195 whichever is greater. There are some exceptions, so please email or call customer service first for clarification prior to ordering.

While we strive to guarantee each shipment to be on time, shipping charges are NEVER refundable regardless of fault. This includes, but is not limited to, late shipments due to carrier problems, mistakes made by our staff, or any other reason. For this reason we ask that each client contact customer service to clarify everything before deciding to purchase.

In order to expedite order delivery, occasionally the certified appraisals and diamond certificates are sent separately. Please notify us by email if you do not receive your certified appraisal or diamond certificate so that we can track it down. Returns without the original diamond certification in original condition are subject to a $250 replacement fee.

All orders can only be canceled prior to shipment. Those orders that are cancelled prior to shipment will be subject to the normal restocking fees as outlined in the section or $250, whichever is greater. We ask that each client to do their research before placing your order as each order is made to order and is very individual.

Although we make every effort to make the pricing and product information on our web site accurate, errors may occur. This rarely occurs, but our web site information is not automated by machine. Our web site has been generated from several hours of human dedication. We will notify you of any errors prior to processing your order, and your credit card will NOT be charged until we have received customer authorization first. If we cannot contact you, we will place your order on hold pending customer authorization. Please accept our apologies in advance for any errors.

One year warranty policies

All orders will come with a limited one year warranty. We recommend printing this page as a warranty card. Below is a list of items that are covered and not covered under warranty.

We one year warranty our products against manufacturer's defects.

Some stones may become loose over time through normal wear and tear. Loose stones may not be indicative of a manufacture defect, however it is our policy to tighten these stones under warranty.

We recently revised our warranty policy to no longer cover materials (this includes the diamonds and gemstones). We found that some clients would intentionally remove the center diamond only to have us replace it under warranty. Most homeowner's insurance policies will insure your ring against loss, theft, and damage.

The one year warranty does include resizing.

The warranty does not include shipping / insurance costs to and from our facilities.

The warranty does not cover materials; this includes, but is not limited to, diamonds, stones, heads, prongs, and metal.

Warranties are immediately void if any type of work other than a normal inspection, polishing, or cleaning is performed by an unauthorized jeweler. Please allow us to complete all resizing, tightening, fixing, and repairs under warranty.

Jewelry authenticity policies

Several precautions are taken to insure that each order is authentic.

First, each and every one of our diamond suppliers is carefully screened using the most advanced jewelry supplier screening procedures available today. We hand select only the most reputable suppliers with well established credibility, even if they cost a little more.

Second, we use only natural and authentic merchandise. We NEVER use Moisanite, Cubic Zirconium, or synthetic diamonds in place of a natural diamond. We do not sell laser treated or clarity enhanced diamonds of any type. Since we never deal with synthetic diamonds or unnaturally altered diamond, there is no possibility of a lower grade diamond finding its way into our end product (engagement ring, jewelry, etc).

Term of use are listed below. This is the section our lawyer's require that each client agree to prior to ordering from us.

All weights are approximate, since each order is made to order. This includes stones, diamonds, metal, etc.

All qualities are approximate, since diamond color and diamond clarity is subjective.

All attorneys' fees will be the responsibility of attorney's client and not that of the Valley Mart.

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