Jewelry as art expresses something of the wearer and designer. A&D keepsake's hand cross stitched jewelry designs show the skill of needle work and the presentation of jewelry.

These tiny pictures are cross stitched onto very small cross stitch Aida cloth. This is a great way to use your hand crafting and needle working skills to make a one of a kind piece of jewelry for yourself or someone you love.

The tiny design is placed inside two lenses and secured into a bezel pendant. This uniquely designed locket can be worn proudly or given as a special gift to someone dear. Use any of our designs or you can create your own design with great significance to you or a friend. We also sell blank kits for this purpose containing the cloth and locket, to make your own pendant.

Jewelry made with a personal touch is always the most appreciated. Stitch items that are special to you or a friend to make one of a kind lockets. These hand stitched pendants will be treasured by the recipient because of the love and care you put into them.

A&D keepsake personal pendants are not expensive to purchase, but they are valuable because of the time and love put into them.